Roxy Filemanager can't upload images?

5 years ago
I'm having difficulty uploading an image using the Roxy Fileman dialog. - when in the tinymce editor, clicking the image icon, then for the source clicking the magnifier icon which brings up the Roxy Fileman - here I click "Add file" which allows me to browse for the image fil;e, but when clicking Upload it throws the error in the browser, the page stays the same. It allows selection of existing images and seems to be working fine, but when trying to upload a new image I get the error "405 Method Not Allowed".

specifically in firebug it reports:

POST index.html?type=image&input=mce_62-inp&value=
405 Method Not Allowed

I've tested this locally, on a blank 3.4 site and my deployed 3.4 site - Folder permissions have been set - I haven't investigated the code yet, but I have had this error on a number of machines and deployments to check if it was just the single installation, but it seems to happen on everything - I think it's broken or I've done something wrong - can anyone assist or confirm/deny that it is a problem?

I have noted that the POST is going to "index.html" - not sure what's going on there?


5 years ago
Hi Marc,

please see my reply to the same request here

I don't know why it goes to  "index.html" in your case because it should go to "/Admin/RoxyFileman/ProcessRequest?a=UPLOAD" (tested with Fiddler)
5 years ago
thanks for the reply - I found that other post after, but I did search for roxy in the forums before I posted??

I've had a dig around in the code and found it is a browser related issue - but right now I can upload images with Internet Explorer but can't pick them - I can pick them in Firefox but not upload them (rofl) - I've got some breakpoints set in Visual Studio so I can see what's happening... I think I can hardwire it if I can't find the issue :-)
1 year ago
I know this is a really old thread but it helped me.  I am using nopCommerce 3.9 in Server 2016 Core.  On my Desktop I have Windows 7 (Still), FireFox 67.0.2 and IE 11.0.9600.19356.  I also found that I could not upload files using FireFox, although on rare occasions it would, including a PDF, but it was maybe 1 in 100 so not sure what that is about.  Anyway I just needed to get stuff done so in reading this I tried IE and found I could successfully upload files.  I can view and select them in either browser.