how to be redirected automatically from http to https

6 years ago
Hello All,

can you help me to make my website be redirected automatically to https. now my website shows a blank page on http and working well on https. so how can I make it to be redirected automatically from http to https.

6 years ago
If you want https for all pages go here

Configurations-> Settings->General And Miscellaneous Settings -> Security Settings

Force SSL for all site pages: checked

Make sure that store configuration like bellow ( Configurations -> Stores )

Store URL:
SSL enabled: checked
Secure URL:

WARNING: Do not enable it until you have SSL certificate installed on the server

Optional: in nop http -> https direct use 302 temporary direct, search engines do not like it, you can write rule in web.config or IIS to use 301 permanent direct ( which is recommended ) instead. See here
6 years ago
Hello Dear,

The settings you are telling me to do it, I already had done it. My request is so simple, In the advertising I will put and All what I need is when my customer type in his broswer the address or the browser must take him to not to

6 years ago
So, http to https is working for you right?

Also remember that https everywhere is not good idea regarding performance and SEO

See HTTPS everywhere - as a SEO ranking signal
9 months ago
Nop 4.3 does not seem to have force ssl option inbuilt.
4 weeks ago
For version 4.3 I have found another thread:
3 weeks ago
If you have a secure socket layer certificate (SSL) on your website, you can automatically redirect visitors to the secured (HTTPS) version of your site for a secure connection.