How to apply Tax per state?

10 years ago
In the "Tax Providers" I have New Jersey set for 7% sales tax and the other 49 states sales tax set to 0% but nopCommerce is charging 7% sales tax in every state.  Did I miss a checkbox somewhere?

10 years ago
Do you have the option to charge tax from buyer location not seller location set?
10 years ago
I do not see an option for buyer or seller
10 years ago
So you want to apply taxes for NJ only right ? and other states should be $0 for tax right ? as i guess by law you can only charge tax for 1 state..

In order to setup TAX FOR NEW JERSEY ONLY follow the following steps :

Go to

Admin Section > Configuration > Tax > Tax Providers

Choose 2nd option "Tax By Country & State " Click on EDIT

In the configuration , ADD NEW TEAX RATE


Country : United State
State : New Jersey
Zip: Leave it BLANK
Choose TAX CLASS :  (If you don't want to choose any specific class for tax and would like all the products to belong to 1 common class having 1 common tax rate, then create new tax class , name is as "TAXCLASS" or whatever name you want and define all the products in your website for this "TAXCLASS)
Percentage: 7 (Just write 7, no need to add % sign or anything)

Save it

and you're good to go...
10 years ago
Test it....and let me know if it's working or not
10 years ago
I am having the same problem with shipping from Georgia to other states: all are being charges tax, buy only shipments to Georgia are taxable.

I have my tax settings set to Tax Based on Shipping Address, have tried Billing Address, but all get taxed. Have deleted all Tax Providers and created a new provider named Georgia Sales Tax, etc...

Any solution ???
10 years ago
Hey, I followed the directions above to set a tax class and set my rate but I don't see how to associate the tax class I created to the products. Do I have to manually associate the tax class with each product?
10 years ago
In my tax settings section I have taxes display type set to "including tax", taxes based on "billing address", default country "US", and my default state "PA". I created a tax class from the directions above and applied it in the tax provider section. But when I run a test no tax is applied despite the test account also having a PA billing/shipping address
10 years ago
Nevermind, I actually knew the answer but didn't know how to go about it; apply the tax class to each individual product. If you click on one of your products under product variant sku tab, click on the "view" cta. Scroll to the bottom and select the tax class from the tax category drop down.
8 years ago
My business, JMA Web Technologies, sell a sales tax automation plugin from Avalara:

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