How to change the Logo

11 years ago
How can we change the logo and use our own, does it have to be a *.gif or can id be a *.jpg.

Thank you
11 years ago
There are 2 ways to change the logo.


Go to \App_Themes\darkOrange\images folder and replace the logo.gif file with you new logo file which must be in GIF format and name of file must be logo.gif and size 225 X 60 Pixels.


Go to \App_Themes\darkOrange\ folder open master.css file, go to a.logo heading (line no.. 140 in version 1.30)

  background: url('images/logo.gif');
  display: block;
  width: 225px;
  height: 60px;
  text-decoration: none;

change the background: url('images/YourNewLogo.jpg'); code
change width and height.

and you are done.

8 years ago
Now it's 310x60.  Still gif.

Should just copy DefaultClean though and make your own specific Theme.
8 years ago
How do i change the logofile for an additional store in nopCommerce 3.10, i have two stores running but the same logo in upper left corner in both stores? In store 1 i've just replaced the LOGO.GIF
8 years ago
I've tried to copy and rename the "DefaultClean" theme, and put it back into the themes folder, i've changed the theme.config file. In the store settings i can choose between the two themes - but it's the same logofile (logo.gif) i see in both stores - some ideas needed! :-)
I have of course checked that the logofiles in \Themes\Theme_NAME\content\images\logo.gif are different.
8 years ago
Check the file  Themes/YOUR_THEME/views/Shared/head.cshtml  ... make sure you change the links in there so they point to your themes Css & its not pointing to the original DefaultClean stylesheet.
8 years ago
Spot on - thanks! :-)
7 years ago
having trouble with this.  I have uploaded the new logo.gif file through filezilla to the images folder under defaultclean theme.  First I renamed logo.gif new file is logo.gif...same size.

The new image shows in the admin panel, but not on the website side.  I also tried to restart the application....still doesn't work.  I know I am missing the answer, but I don't know where to look!


this is where I put logo.gif

7 years ago
Make sure you have cleared your browser cache, it it may still be showing the old file.

If that doesn't work, use something like firebug to check the path to logo.gif
7 years ago
That was it!  Thanks!