NopFeedManager. (Google, Amazon, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla, etc. 19 templates)

5 years ago
Export your products from your store into csv, txt and xml data feeds.

19 templates :
Google, Amazon Ads, AmazonPrice, AmazonInventory, AmazonImage, PriceGrabber, Twenga, Fruugo, Kieskeurig, Beslist, Daisycon,, Kelkoo, LeGuide, Shopzilla, Nextag, Idealo, Yandex, OLX.

Product attribute filtering (ex. price, quantity, etc.)
Product and category filtering (ex. export only Cellular Phones category)
Feed attribute mapping per product (ex. color, size, etc.)
Feed attribute mapping per category (ex. color, size, etc.)
Several feed files per one store (one feed file for Cellular Phones category, another feed file for Digital Cameras category).
FTP upload feature

Compatible with NopCommerce 3.40/3.50.

It only works fo MSSQL Server 2005 and above.
Not registered version has only one limitation – 50 product will be exported.

We can add new public feeds FREE.
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Price 80$.
5 years ago
NopFeedManager. Version 1.02 - January 20, 2015

+ added support feed for (xml)
+ added support price markup
5 years ago
NopFeedManager. Version 1.09 - February 06, 2015

+ added support Ebay
+ added support

Documentation link.
5 years ago
NopFeedManager. Version 1.16 - April 01, 2015

+ added support Binq

NopFeedManager. Version 1.15 - March 17, 2015

+ Added support for exporting the product specification (ex. Color, Size, Gender, etc.).
5 years ago
Added support, PriceSpy, PriceRunner, Monetate,
5 years ago
Added support,
5 years ago
Version 1.25 - March 04, 2015

+ added support Google product inventory update feeds (link)
+ added support Vendhq
5 years ago
Version 1.26 - May 13, 2015

+ added support
+ added support Rakuten (new and inventory feed)
+ added automatic detection of the type of flat-file format (semi-colon delimited or comma-separated) for Ebay
+ changed sxema for
+ you can make new custom feed manually
5 years ago
Added support version 3.60.
4 years ago
Added support Prisjakt.