Initial Loading is very slow

5 years ago
Hi meetferoz, edg and TheXiang,

I am sorry that all of you are experiencing issues with our service. If you can either message me your ticket ID or post it here so I can locate your account (or you can send me the main domain you have with us) I will make sure our techs look at it ASAP.

5 years ago

Thank you for your concern, i already submitted a ticket to your support team and done alot of thing to solve this problem.
After one week, nothing improve.

Now i have given up with your business class plan.
And has requested to your team to cancel this migration and back to old account (Personal ASP plan).

Now, I have moved all of my websites to old account and its work fine, a bit slow, but still ok.
Rather than in business plan server, beside very slow loading time, i even cant login to admin dashboard and checkout from shopping cart.
And also keep give me timeout expired.

my domain is

thank you.
5 years ago
I have issue on last step of payment/checkout when it say you will be redirected on paypal to finish payment, and then loading lasts few minutes lol,
5 years ago
Hi TheXiang,

Thank you for the details. Our QA team will be reviewing what happened.

@CarpeDiem -

Do you mean the Arvixe order page? Or are you referring to using nopCommerce?

5 years ago
Same problem here with Arvixe.
NopCommerce was running very sloooooow on a PersonalClass plan.
Upgraded to a BusinessClass (22$ more) and it runs slower.
Sales staff told me I would have seen an terrible increase in performances. I guess they were talking about the increase of my bill.

After 3 days, emails, chats nothing has really happened.
I guess they're taking the piss.

Don't waste your money upgrading to BusinessClass as it will run as slow as it would on a PersonalClass plan.
5 years ago
Hi vandalo,

I am sorry that you are experiencing issues with our server. Do you have a ticket ID that you can post here so I can locate your account (or you can send me the main domain you have with us). I will make sure our techs look what is happening with your account ASAP.

Thank you.
4 years ago
I've also had similar issues with hosting providers. Specially the ones that run the site in 64 bit. It was such a pain. That makes the NopCommerce use over a 1GB of RAM straight out of the box. It was really really painful and I ended up going with recommended Everleap. I've written an in depth article of my experience and dealing with the slow issues of NopCommerce. I wish somebody has guided me with such information before I started looking for hosting for nop commerce.
1 year ago
Hi there, I run nop 3.5 my-self and eventually these guys  solved the long load problem for me.
9 months ago
If issue is - your website loads very slow in starting but once loaded it is fine. After some time you come back and open the website again, it again takes time to open, may be 30, 40 sec. This I faced with solution. This is for 4.20 version

Solution - Go to Scheduled task, keep alive settings. By default it is 300, set it to 60 and you are all set.


9 months ago
use website to ping continues after some time duration(default time 5minute. in every 5minute your website will be ping so your website will be look like up)