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9 years ago

We have developed website based on nopcommerce.

This website is mobile phone comparision webiste and modification on nopcommerce 1.9 version.

Please include in the list of showcase.

8 years ago

I work form Atma IT Solutions, one of nopCommerce partners. We've just released a new website using nop. The address is:

Is it possible to add it on live shops page?
7 years ago

Here's my 1st nopCommerce site, and add to that, it's fully responsive too - all the way down to mobile :)

The client is still adding products/categories etc, so it's not 100% complete (from a content point of view).

I must say, I'm extremely happy with with nopCommerce, and even pulling it apart, and putting it back together again has been fairly painless... very happy.

Feedback would be gratefully appreciated.


p.s. I do believe, this may very possibly be the first fully responsive production nopCommerce site, and I've got 4 others in development.
7 years ago
a.m. wrote:
To get an idea how the our shopping cart could be applied to your business, check the list of the shops designed with nopCommerce shopping cart


I have an automotive Car parts & Accessories website almost completed, i am using nopcommerce 3.10.
Could you Showcase my site,

Thank You
5 years ago

Is a sight with a product that I invented and I just started this website and I am trying to figure out how to get traffic??
5 years ago
Here are some of the sites I developed in nopCommerce:


Quality Piano Covers:

And this is my own start up project, running on an Azure webrole, together with other webroles, worker roles, queues, blob storage, etc:

Trainer Inside
5 years ago
Italian goods

5 years ago
5 years ago
Check out

5 years ago
We've updated our showcase! Among new additions are BMW,  Casio, Canon, Targus, Alcatel and much more. Check out the new list here. And a lot of other sites will be added later

P.S. We also have paging and filtering by category support on the official site roadmap.