Duplicate title tags within category pages

1 year ago
The problem here is duplicate of the page's title tag and H1 tag (using the "name" and "meta title" fields found in admin), not canonical urls. The pages are different because each page displays different products, specific to that page.  

So for example, if you have a category for black shoes, with many products, the urls for each page after page 1 will look like this:

Each of these pages will show different products, so the content is not the same, however, for ALL of these pages the H1 tag and the Title will contain duplicate values.  
Ideally we would want something like "- page 2" or "- page 3" appended to the end of both of these tags.

If you download Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool,  you can see where all of the duplicates show up.
2 months ago
For anyone who is still experiencing issues with this, I have managed to resolve this problem with the following change in CategoryTemplate.ProductsInGridOrLines.cshtml

Not sure if this is the best way to do it, however it has worked and the SEO scan has removed duplicates.
The only duplicates I have now is the the redirect pages from Login/Register to the originating page.
Will be changing the title markup on that page as well soon

Change the Title markup from

Html.AddTitleParts(!string.IsNullOrEmpty(Model.MetaTitle) ? Model.MetaTitle : Model.Name);


    if (webHelper.QueryString<String>("pagenumber") != null)
        string pageTitle = Model.Name + " | Page " + webHelper.QueryString<String>("pagenumber").ToString();
        Html.AddTitleParts(!string.IsNullOrEmpty(Model.MetaTitle) ? Model.MetaTitle : pageTitle);
        Html.AddTitleParts(!string.IsNullOrEmpty(Model.MetaTitle) ? Model.MetaTitle : Model.Name);

Also, if you disable the option to allow customers to change from grid to line view in catalog settings, this stops further duplication when SEO scans pickup the query string for view mode.