How to Use SSL for non-standard/custom pages

5 years ago

I have Use SSL checked in Admin cfg., which sets <add key="UseSSL" value="true" /> in root web.config.  This works great to force SSL for all of the standard pages (/login, /customer/info, /customer/orders, etc.) and for my Topic pages.

However, my site has custom pages like  The UseSSL setting is not forcing https for those pages.  How do I code those pages so they obey the UseSSL setting?

Thank you!
5 years ago
Never mind.  I found the following article in the forums to set SecuritySettings.ForceSslForAllPages = true in Advanced Settings, which solved my problem:
5 years ago
I know you answered your own question, but I want to include only one specific topic page into SSL.

The contact page has a form and I want it to be in the encrypted part.
I don't want the rest of the site to be encrypted.