Cumulative Discounts

6 years ago
Hi there!

Is possible to create cumulative discounts, or better, set a discount as "not cumulative" so, when it is added to the cart, all others are excluded. I know all discounts are not cumulative, but they should have this propertie.

I want to give cumulative discount (whitout coupom code) to customers when they buy some products together, like this:

A + B = $ 1,00 discount

C + D = $2,00 discount

order total (A + B + C + D) - $3,00 discount.

Got it?

6 years ago
Hi Ivan,

Cumulative discounts are not supported yet. Please find this work item here
6 years ago
Thanks Andrei.

Have you tracked all sources to change?

I can do it for you, because I'll have to change my source anyway. So will be an honor to contribute.

6 years ago
Voted as well. since 2010 just 19 votes including mine. At least it is active now :)
6 years ago
Hi Ivan,

Sure. You're more than welcome to contribute implementation of this work item. You can create a new fork on codeplex
5 years ago
And finally done. Cumulative discounts will be supported in the upcoming version 3.80
5 years ago
Thanks Andrei & team, this is great feature. This helps a lot :)
2 weeks ago
Cumulative discounts should have the ability to not be automatic, no?  If I offer a discount to a specific product category, I do not want it to automatically add that discount to say a coupon code a customer may have.  I am on v. 4.3 now and would have though the common logic would allow for this change to be made.  How can the cumulative discount feature be turned off so customer has to decide if one discount is better than another.  Too many discounts cuts into store profitability and that is not good.  Thank yoU!
1 week ago
When you configure a discount, there is a check box for "Cumulative with other discounts"
But do note the hint:
If checked, this discount can be used with other ones simultaneously. Please note that this feature works only for discounts with the same discount type. Right now, discounts with distinct types are already cumulative.

(The "discount type" it refers to is "Assigned to order total", etc.)

There is no option for "customer has to decide if one discount is better than another".  The system will select the largest discount.
1 week ago
This is the problem.  Maybe I worded it wrong.  I am not looking to have the customer decide, rather I simply don't want the backend to allow multiple discounts.  The "Allow Cumulative Discounts" checkbox is deceptive because as you note, the hint is that by default it will cumulate if they are not of the same category.

As an example, I have a number of products selected and an automatic discount applied to those products as a "seasonal" sale which we discount code needed.  I also have a discount applied to cart sub-total IF a specified coupon code is used.  Currently, the site is allowing the product discount and the coupon discount to be used together...I only want one discount to be applied.  The customer will see what the "savings" is for the product discount and if they enter a code, that discount will change, allowing them to decide if they want to use their coupon code or the product sale pricing.  Does that clear it up?  Hoping someone has a solution to this.  Thanks!