Plugin Order by SKU / Quick Order

5 years ago
Hello everyone ,

i'm released a free plugin "OrderSku" for nopCommerce, the ordersku plugin allows users to easily add products to their cart by SKU.

Available for free to download from the plugins repo :

Looking forward for your feedback.
5 years ago
Also previously, very nice and handy plugin.

The issues I pointed out are fixed.

One slight issue is the text "Order By SKU" appears, on the public side as, "order by sku". Not sure why because I have it capitalized in the "Friendly Name" field of the plugin.

Now...on to suggestions! :D

I see there's a Configure page, but it currently doesn't do anything.


- Option to ignore group product type (Since you can't add them, allow us to ignore them during the look up)

- Option to ignore stock quantities (While I don't want the plugin to look at if I have the item in stock, other's might)

- Option to show actual stock quantity instead of a dot to indicate availability, maybe with a Green text for Positive Numbers, Yellow for a zero amount, and Red for negative (with the numbers still showing the negative sign)


- Ability to perform a 'price override' for the Unit Price (I assume the Total Price just takes Quantity and multiplies it by Unit Price)
3 years ago
Any chance you will be updating this plugin for 3.9? I sure could use it.