Our new nopCommerce site - YesBobbleheads.com

4 years ago
http://www.yesbobbleheads.com/, any suggestions or inputs welcomed.
4 years ago
You did a great job!!

Pricing is very confusing:
Extra options available to further personalize your bobblehead doll to the next level
Member Price $104.98
List Price $120.00
Reward Points 89.99¿?¿?¿?¿?

Ilustrate with images: http://www.yesbobbleheads.com/how-to-order and other sections

Buy button is was hard to find

Use product tag cloud and specification filter to aid selection

You cannot edit/change product attributes when the product is already in cart

Include a product designer and  attributes images to visualize the attribute selection
4 years ago
Thanks for your suggestion, we have done some of your ideas and will continue to improve over time. :)
4 years ago
In category and search list let the user select page size, so to avoid the need of paging
4 years ago
Nice site, first of all. :)

I like the right sidebar.

1) Higher resolution images in slider would attract more visitors for sure. These in slider are a bit low-fidelity.
2) Ouch
3) It took me some minutes navigating site to know, that you make custom client's head copy and attach it to a funny doll. It would be great to include simple 1-2-3 text how your buisness works. Or put the last pic in slider to front. Or add the text from bottom of the page instead of "When it comes to custom bobblehead dolls, look no further"
4) I find text on page too wordy and full of stamps. People who buy this dolls looking for fun not for wordy "serious" "marketing" texts.
5) The site looks like that it is intended for people who want nothing else but bobblehead dolls.
But that way you are narrowing your buyer base. You should be looking at people searching for funny gifts, memorablia and other. Consider these words also potential keywords for search machine(though they are pricey).
6) Text below the main menu. Is it written for search engine? Please add spacings between the paragraphs and again too many words. Speak directly and frankly you don't sell complex consulting solutions, you sell dolls for fun and text must be funny and open.
7) Erase thin line.

RESUME: Polish it and it would be great.
3 years ago
Thanks for all the inputs, we've improved quite a bit over the past few months: https://www.yesbobbleheads.com/
3 years ago

Had a quick look at the homepage only.

Love the site and your products.

Accessibility issues
Inaccessible forms - The forms aren't built properly for users with assistive technology they may struggle to understand the form controls.
Colour contrast issues - Very low contrast, not within acceptable thresholds (4.5:1 ratio) for visually impaired users including colour-blindness. (i.e. 'My Orders' text has foregound colour - #bd0031 on background colour - #efb818 - contrast ratio 3.6:1 fails for this font size).  Other places on the homepage you have white foreground text on white background.
Skipped heading level - No third heading level <h3>.  You have <h2> (Custom Bobblehead Doll: Golf Player) and <h4> (Men Bobbleheads) headings.  Correct page structure and semantic HTML is needed for screen readers and keyboard users otherwise it is confuse users and make it difficult to navigate.
Redundant links - lots adjacent links that go to the same URL.  This will mean more unnecessary navigation and repetition for keyboard and screen reader users.  (i.e. Custom Bobblehead Doll: Boss Arm in Arm - the image is a link, the heading is another link and the Customise Bobblehead is yet again another link - why not have one link instead)

Usability issues
Currency converter - can't tell if you ship to Europe as there does not seem to be a way you can change language or currency to GB/Euros
Back to top - Your 'back to top' feature when you scroll past the first section is not working properly.

Images - Images not optimised
HTML - HTML not minified
Frameworks out of date - CSS and JS

TLS support - HTTPS - You may want to look at upgrading your SSL certificate as there are limitations (i.e. RC4 cipher on older protocol versions, does not support Forward Secrecy, etc., etc.). Remember SSL doesn't mean SSL.

Hope this helps.