Searching by Manufacturer Part Number

5 years ago
We would like to enable search to also search Manufacturer Part Number (both autocomplete and search page).

I've seen a few older posts about this, some suggesting that we change the ProductLoadAllPaged stored procedure, but I do not want to do that as we are trying to stick with core nopCommerce functionality as far as possible, and extend with as few plugins as possible.

Ideally, this would be added to core nopCommerce, but other than that, what would be the best way to achieve this via a plugin? I could override the SearchProducts method in ProductService but that seems like a lot of code just for this simple thing.

What are the chances of having this added to core nopCommerce (even if switched off by default)? We are currently on 3.70 but are planning on upgrading to 3.80 when it comes out as we would also like the ability to fix prices per currency (work item 9291).
5 years ago
Thanks a lot for suggestion! This work item already exists
4 years ago
we've just implemented this feature. Please see this commit
4 years ago
I posted some questions on this feature on Github, but maybe you guys missed it.

Could you please take a look at and let me know?
1 week ago
How do i get this feature in Nop 4.10 ?