Use AutoMapper class in Plugin

3 years ago
danconia wrote:
I'm sorry but in 3.80 there is no IMapperConfiguration interface yet, In 3.80  we have the following
I see only way to do the same AutoMapperConfiguration in each plugin and use it in plugin extensions but as i understand in 3.90 you will change the approach and introduce IMapperConfiguration.

You're absolutely right. This code was from our development branch (3.90). As it was reported here in version 3.80 it's not possible due to some changes in AutoMapper
3 years ago
So Automapper cannot be used in plugin for 3.80 what I've learned from the Github issue. Right?
3 years ago
Right. It'll be possible in 3.90
8 months ago
Andrei, could you give an update on how to do this in nopCommerce 4.2? I cannot find a way to do this without editing the AdminMapperConfiguration class in Nop.Web