nopCommerce 3.80 roadmap and estimated release date. Let's discuss

4 years ago

We've prepared the roadmap for the next version of nopCommerce (3.80). Here are some of the most interesting ones:

- The main and most important task - Re-design and simplify admin area (please discuss it here)
- Thinking about Auction support (work item) - postponed
- Ability to assign catalog price per currency (work item) - postponed
- And really a lot of other work items. Please find all existing work items for this version here (almost 200 items).

We presume ASP.NET vNext  ( core 1.0) will be released soon. But we decide not implementing it in version 3.80. This is quite new technology and we should give it some time to get mature. We should also give some time for our vendors and developers to get familiar with it (some amount of learning curve). But most probably its support will be added in the next version - 4.00 (we're going to skip version 3.90 to indicate a great step moving to vNext). Actually we're going to implement all the rest active work items before moving to vNext.

Your thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome!

Estimate release time - August 2016 (7-8 months)

UPDATE: Version 3.80 will be released on August 3rd
4 years ago
Hi Andrei,

Nice list of features for 3.8 :)
4 years ago
Good list!

Especially admin redesign.
4 years ago
hi Andrei

what about finishing vendor support.
It is impossible to run a vendor store without aggressive customization.
The main problem is that the orders contains several vendors, the order should be separated by vendors then it would be easy to use payment and charge for shipping per vendor.


4 years ago
Hi Andrei

I have to agree with Hezy, this one is so long overdue, and so needed to make it a great Multi Vendor solution, I would really appreciate it if you could please add this to 3.80.
4 years ago
Nice List of Features.

Can we add more feature to Vendor managements ??

1.Vendor Profile page and Vendor Reviews,Rating etc
2.Payment handling for pay direct to vendor or store owners
3.Shipment handling by vendor

many more features can be added for vendor mangements
4 years ago
Great list Andrei,

- Auction support will be a great addition and will certainly attract more users to nopCommerce

- I agree, adding more features to vendor support will make the functionality more solid and mature. A great addition to vendor support would be allowing store owners to setup one single product page with the vendors list like Amazon. I have explained the feature here. This will be useful when multiple vendors are offering same product but different pricing.
4 years ago
great andrei, can't wait! ;-)

any chance pull requests will be included?

product attribute value description

edit wishlist item

please vote for issues here below

product attribute value description

Allow customers to edit wishlist items (similar to standard cart)
4 years ago
If all 199 workitems are accomplished, this will be the best release ever!!

I see that there are several workitems related to vendors. Couldn't some members of the Nop community accomplish the missing ones?
4 years ago
I agree with taking vendor support to the next level. While I think auction support would bring additional users to nopCommerce, I think it is important to do something and do it well. By adding the above features for multi-vendor, it would make nopCommerce a very, very competitive option for those on other e-commerce systems to switch and make those of us that are already on it very happy!