Don't show email in product reviews?

10 years ago

How can I set it so that users/customers email address don't show up in product reviews..

Customers have complained about getting spammed do to bots scraping for email address.

10 years ago
hello shane

you can get rid of e-mail addresses by changing the settings in admin area:

Go to admin section > Configuration > Global Settings > Choose Tab "Customer Profile" (If you're using 1.5 version)

if you're using 1.4 version then i guess it's -> admin section > Configuration > Global Settings > SEO/Display

so according to your version follow the path and you will see "Customer name format:"

you can change it by selecting value from drop down menu: change it to "Show username" or "Show Full Name"

and save the settings

now instead of e-mail address, username or full name will be displayed
10 years ago
i think i am correct in thinking that if you started out with  'use email addresses' then  the usernames  will have been created the same as the email addresses by default -

i also think that you cannot edit the usernames from admin, you have to look in the database table NOP_Customer  you can change the username here
8 years ago
How do you do this in newer versions such as 2.40?

It is not acceptable at all to display someones email address on a public website. See for an example - we wish to hide this email address for all users.
8 years ago
I've figured out how to change it to display "full name" instead of email address. This is better but still just first name would be better in my opinion.
1 month ago
My version 4.2 was showing email address on reviews. I freaked out! Nobody that I can think of would want their email address advertised!
Anyway, I went to settings/customer settings/scroll down to /Account/Customer Name Format and choose "Show First Name". (that was my choice)

Choice are:
*Show Emails
*Show usernames
*Show Full Names
*Show First Names