Screencast. Installing nopCommerce

4 years ago
Please welcome the new screencast by Lavish Kumar, focusing on the installation of nopCommerce. Intended for beginners, this screencast is following installation step-by-step and provides basic guidance on the process -
4 years ago
Wow. Very helpful for community. Thanks a lot.
4 years ago
Mr Lavish Kumar is for sure providing all of us with very helpful and valuable tutorial videos for us the users who are working with Nopcommerce as webstore platform it is appreciated help and good information. I also want to recommend Mr Lavish Kumar as a developer, for his outstanding help and support for our specific webstore project, with his help the migration to a new version of Nopcommerce was performed without any issues.

I also think a good idea in the future is if we can watch and read more about the best website hosting solutions for Nopcommerce as a webstore platform, the application is very easy to start working with and has many interesting features, but it is also from our experience very important to use a hosting account with good memory capacity in order for Nopcommerce 3.5 and never versions to work without any problems regarding storage and memory.

It is always nice to find this sort of tutorial videos, for us it create a lot of inspiration to continue working with our webstore project.

Keep up the good work with the tutorial videos, I am looking forward to see more of them in the future.


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