display nopCommerce in iFrame

4 years ago
is there a way to setup nopCommerce to be shown in an iFrame?
The shop itself displays in an iFrame but the shopping cart won't display because
X-Frame-Options is set to SAMEORIGIN. This won't allow usage in iFrames.

Has anybody an idea how to get this working without recompiling?

Thanks in advance,
regards Florian
9 months ago
I face same problem any solution?
9 months ago
I think it is not possible.
9 months ago
Actually the original question contains the answer.

Just remove
<add name="X-Frame-Options" value="SAMEORIGIN" /
from the web.config file
9 months ago
I remove it but same thing
Add added <remove....
And <add na.. Value='allow-from'
I take deplicate header
I remove it and also get same thing