Route 66 Affiliate Friendly Urls Offer

3 years ago
Hi all!

I`m glad to inform, that new plugin Route 66 is available!

Route 66 extends affiliate friendly name functionality. Route 66 places the affiliate friendly name permanently in the url. In our industry (direct sales) it is considered standard procedure to offer affiliates their own url.

Default nopCommerce Functionality
once the user navigates to the next page the friendlyname will be lost.

Route 66 Extension
if the user navigates to contus us then the url could look something like
the affiliates friendly name will remain in the url. This makes it very easy for affiliates to share any url on the site. If an affiliate wants to promote a particular product, they can simply go to their url, navigate to the product and copy and paste the browser link. Using nop default functionality, you will have to educate all your affiliates how to append the friendly name into the query string.
older versions can be supported on request. Free of charge.

Link of plugin:

Link of plugin on our website:

Use coupon code Route66NOP to get this awesome plugin for $30 one time fee ($20 OFF)!
3 years ago
Thank you for coupon code :)
3 years ago
jacktaylor wrote:
Thank you for coupon code :)

You are welcome!