Larry, web site is support MYSQL? and wether pic donot save in DB?

10 years ago
thanks for your contribution of  your designing nop shop.
Now I use your Nopcommerce shop 1.5(include source) to built my e shop. and use your hangbag template as my web site skin. and them I do some change on homepage such as my e shop logo, flash pic.... I am going to  setup my website on the machine whice is supplied by application service provider(ASP) .  but I found a big problem like this:

1 Database of NopCommerce shop1.5 is base on mssql2005, as you know,  MSsql2005 is require at least 2G memory. the more memory it occupy, the more money you must paid. whatever I do, I found is high price for me to  pay for ASP, Mssql2005 runtime environment is cost much money than mysql. although your shop is free,but price of maintenance is high. so, do you really consider to  cut down mainterance price by support mysql or sql2000? may be some has also meet this problem

2  l look your shop source code carefully , and I found that the product pic is saved in DB, not in file dirtory. Once the prodcut become larger and larger. the space  of DB is limite. the DB may became slowly. so do you consider this key point?  how do you solve this problem

BTW, when I use your free template of hangbag, It throw some wrong prompt the fashionshoe theme is not exist. so I copy  HANGBAG file dirctory and change name into fashionshoe, then it run normal, may be there is some problem withe you zip FILES. I see some one also meet it.

Thanks for your understanding and i'm looking forward to your reply.

10 years ago
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if you want to save database space, you can choose to save pictures to the file system instead

you do this by logging in to admin and selecting

configuration --> all settings

and look for

Media.Images.StoreInDB   set it to false   - in v1.5, this setting will be on page 5