Malware found on Arvixe nopCommerce by Google Console Team

3 years ago

For the second time my nopCommerce application has been compromised on my Arvixe account with Malware. The Google Console Team spotted this and I am now going through a clean up process.

I don't actually know how this can happen but get a feeling this is to do with Arvixe security with the server rather than the application itself.

I need to know how they go in. Can the attackers get in via the application itself and if so how? Or is it more to do with the security of the server? Arvixe have such a bad rep right now I can only assume the server was infected but how can I be sure. I am running nopCommerce 3.70. I need to be able to tell the client what has happened.

What is the best way to clean this up? Fresh install? Fresh install and move hosts? How do I preserve the data? Fortunately the client does not have much bespoke work to redo.

Desperate for advice so any help will be greatly appreciated.
3 years ago
I was having the same problem and just ended up switching providers.
3 years ago
Thanks for the reply.

So did you have to do a fresh install? Did you lose the data?

Also, which host are you using now?

Thanks for any further advice.