Upgrade after making huge changes to admin/store

9 years ago

Lets say that i modify the entire backend and the frontend.

I keep all projects as they are except project NopCommerceStore that is completely rewritten.

Does anyone have any idea what the best way is to upgrade such a thing.

You could always compare all the files and the database to see where the changes are, that wouldn't be to hard and take to long to do.

But is there a better way?

Regards Altri
9 years ago
I face the same problem. Only can compare, but it's very time consuming.
9 years ago
Everyone who makes major changes to the source code will face this problem. I've got a 3-pronged approach:

1. I keep a changelog of all changes we make, so that I can patch changes in manually when there's an upgrade.

2. I plan to submit useful changes to the NopCommerce team in the hope not only that others will benefit but also to make my own upgrade path easier.

3. I've requested hooks or a plugin model so that user code can go into a seperate DLL of which NopCommerce controls only the signature. Please vote for that feature if it would help you!

If you have other ways or ideas for making upgrading easier please post them!
9 years ago
I faced the same problem,in order to be able to upgrade to any future verision of nopcommerce With concedering any custom code,I think the best way is to add a new project folder to the nop solution in VS,where the added project will be a dll project writing the namespace of such dll as MyCustomCode or yor name so that you can esaily refrence all dlls in the project & keep using such dll  in all nop future release .

One more thing,in any place of the website where yo need to use your new dll,remember  to add a comment line indicating that this is yours not the original release i.e MyCustomCode .

I did that .I hope you likes it.
9 years ago
Keem, that certainly works for backend changes and I've asked the team to officially support such a solution.

Please vote for it at http://nopcommerce.codeplex.com/WorkItem/View.aspx?WorkItemId=8401&ProjectName=nopCommerce
9 years ago
Hi kingboyk,I voted.