IPN Handler Setup

3 years ago
I am having a problem with instant payment notification using the PayPal standard plugin. I have a separate thread regarding the error that occurs when I have PayPal set to handle the return notification.

I want to try having nopCommerce handle IPN and see if that fixes the issue. The directions on the Configure - PayPal Standard page state that the first method to enable receiving IPN notifications is to check the "Enable IPN" box. When I do that it opens a text box for entry of the "IPN Handler". Do I leave that blank or must I enter something? What do I enter if that field is required?

The problem started when I upgraded from version 3.7 to 3.8.
3 years ago
it was my experience that nopCommerce 3.80 will send the handler url in its packet to PayPal which will override anything that is set on PayPal's side anyway.

regards, Steve Thatcher
1 year ago
I have used the PDT handler instead of the IPN handler. Everything is working fine for me at the moment i think.
Is there anything wrong in what i am doing ?

I dont think PayPal has an option for IPN on their website.