Any news about SWS Solutions

3 years ago
Does anybody know if the guys from SWS Solutions are always in business

I bought Two factor authentication plug-in which is supposed to be available for Nop 3.80.

The download file contains only v 3.30 and there is no answer to my email.

Thank you

3 years ago
I just bought MessageBird SMS from them, it show here it support 3.8 version and after download its only 3.5 and 3.6. I should him couple emails and no answer so far for 3 days. Guess I will have to request money back in PayPal
3 years ago
Dear Erik and Tom,

As you already know we are in business and had some small issues with our back-end services why only some versions of nopCommerce are available for download. Because of this download issue we have sent you the plug-in manually by mail (the same or next business depending on your timezone). If you didn receive this e-mail please check your spamfolder. Keep in mind that also some internet service provider will block e-mail's with *.DLL / *.zip files as attachments. If this is the case please let us know and we will send you the plug-in by WeTransfer.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
3 years ago
Dear SWS Solutions team,

In my case, I do not have any problems with my emails.  No spam filters or problems receiving .zip files containing .dll.

I received only 3 emails from SWS (Welcome / Order complete / receipt).

Can you send a test email following by the v 3.80 of the product.

Thank you

3 years ago
Dear Erik,

As you already know we have send you the plug-in by WeTransfer.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.
11 months ago
Hate to do this via the forum.
We tried to contact SWS via Nop PM almost 2 months to get the 4.2 version of the hosted mollie, sisow and ingenico plugins. We just got an short answer on our first question. After that completely silence
No answer although the license include updates. Even no response to our request to make an offer for the source code.
Early 2019 we had the same issue. Then it took >3 months to get the ordered plugin

I start to believe that SWS solution does not exist anymore as a company in the Netherlands (no phone number of personal contacts)
Does SWS solutions still exist?
Does other people have the same issue with non-responding SWS solution?
9 months ago
I have the same issue. Ordered the Buckaroo iDeal plugin some time ago. At that time we had version 3.8 installed. Now that we upgraded our shop to 3.9 we need the 3.9 version of the plugin, which is available according to their site, but get no response from SWS.

Our account on their website where we could download the plugin has been deleted.

The address that is listed on their website is a house that was sold last february.
9 months ago

I have received notification from you that you are no longer creating new plug-ins for nopCommerce.

Best regards
8 months ago
SWS solutions seems to have moved away from NopCommerce. Currently the only supplier for Ideal and Mollie is Actopus. Actopus will continue to support upcoming versions for NopCommerce but we will no longer promote our plugins on the NopCommerce site. We are, however, still listed on the official Mollie website.