"You already have version '1.60'"

9 years ago
I installed the new 1.60 yesterday, all fine.
However due to the email received today regarding bugs I downloaded the new version of 1.60.
I copied the files into the folder as before and when I go to my site I automatically get directed to the install page (I presume this is natural behaviour, it always does it after copying files in).
When I run the upgrade I get told "You already have version '1.60'" so I think fine, I don't need to update the database but I can't run my site without it going to the install page, even I specify /default.aspx it redirects to the install.
So what happens after a successful install that stops this happening so I can fool it or something?  Or did I do wrong?!

9 years ago
No changes were made to the database. Just copy your old ConnectionString.config file into your new downloaded solution
9 years ago
thanks, I didn't bother backing up as I only just downloaded nopCommerce last week and am just playing and testing so far and was quite happy for it to overwrite.  I guess I can connect to another test database to get the connection strings again if I have to.
9 years ago
i dont have my old connection string....now what ?

please help......
9 years ago
Add the following xml to your ConnectionStrings.config

    <add name="NopSqlConnection" connectionString="Data Source=your_server;Initial Catalog=your_database;Integrated Security=False;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=your_username;Password=your_password;Connect Timeout=120" />
9 years ago
Hi Andrei,

i entered the script...however i still receive "You already have version '1.60'".....

Therefore i am not able to use my store....can you suggest anything else?

Kind regards
9 years ago
by the way, just for closure from my original post, I added the connection strings and mine now works fine thank you, it no longer calls the install page when I go to my site, although I presume it would still give the same message if I did go there.
9 years ago
sorry guys...the script worked...all i had to do is refresh my browswer.....silly me....thanks.