sitemap not displaying all products

3 years ago
Using 3.8

so, i'm not sure what the problem is exactly - but ...

i'm preparing a new site - i imported a lot of 'products' via excel import (seversal hundred)- all of which are accessable and viewable - easy to search for.

but not all are appearing in the sitemap - a few hundred are missing.

I thought maybe there was a limit on how many items can be in it - but i see that some of the pages i created today (manually using 'copy product' are in the sitemap (though they are closer to the top of the list - so maybe they have knocked some off the bottom ??)

I dont see a setting on the 'edit product' page to exclude from sitemap (like we can with topics)

anybody else experienced this ?
3 years ago
just checked - i added another product that appeared at the top of the list and it knocked the last item off the bottom

so there is a maximum number of products that are displayed on the sitemap.

using 3.8 so apologies if this has already been reported
3 years ago
Can you please confirm that you are talking about the HTML sitemap, and not the XML sitemap?
3 years ago
Hi, it was HTML - didn't try it with xml but I'll try that later too
- Hayden
3 years ago
update :


does not display all products
though(sitemap.xml is displaying them all)

www.yourstore/sitemap is displaying all 116 catgegories but i'd guess it's only displaying 500 products at most.
3 years ago
Looks like it's limited to 200 products at the moment:

It's a bit odd that it's hardcoded instead of being configurable by a setting.
3 years ago
hi Pete, well spotted - seems a strange thing to limit it at all -

so -

add paging support
2 years ago
Now you can set a number of items displayed on one sitemap page. Changes are here.
Thanks for the suggestion.