"Fixed Rate Shipping" and "Shipping by weight" methods are missing after update from 3.8 to 3.9

3 years ago
I noticed that, after upgrading from 3.8 to 3.9, I'm missing 2 shipping methods in the Admin area.

"Fixed Rate Shipping" and "Shipping by weight"

Are these plugins no longer standard?

3 years ago
Ok, I found what appears to be the replacement in the plugins section, however, I get "There is already an object named 'ShippingByWeight' in the database." error message.
I'll see if I can delete it manually
3 years ago
I double checked to verify the plugin is correct, but NOP still insists it's already installed (even though it is not installed).

Group: Shipping rate computation
FriendlyName: Manual (Fixed or By Weight)
SystemName: Shipping.FixedOrByWeight
Version: 1.02
SupportedVersions: 3.90
Author: nopCommerce team
DisplayOrder: 1
FileName: Nop.Plugin.Shipping.FixedOrByWeight.dll
Description: This plugin offers shipping rates with fixed fee or calculated by weight

Any ideas of where to look for installed plugins in the database? Nothing under settings.
3 years ago
Tried deleting the file "InstalledPlugins.txt" file completely.
When loading the plugins in the Admin section, everything was disabled, however, attempting to install the Manual (Fixed or by Weight) plugin, it, again, failed with "There is already an object named 'ShippingByWeight' in the database." error.

I'm thinking this may be a new bug, but want to be sure before posting it to the BUGs forum.
3 years ago
I presume you haven't seen the "Readme.txt" file durign the upgrade:

7. Combine "Fixed Rate Shipping" and "Shipping by weight" plugins into single one. Upgrade instructions: do not forget to manually delete "/Plugins/Shipping.FixedRateShipping" and "/Plugins/Shipping.ByWeight" directories (they are not used anymore) and replace the plugin «Shipping.Fixed Rate» or «Shipping.ByWeight» by the plugin «Shipping.FixedOrByWeight» in the App_Data/InstalledPlugins.txt file.
3 years ago
I suspected such.
3 years ago

I have done the same mistake of beefydog. But when I have correctly upgraded I have lost all my shipping datas (luckly I was testing in a "test site") But I'm frightened to loose all the datas when we will upgrade in the production site. Anyone has any idea what I have done wrong? :-)

Thank you
3 years ago
Do not use the "uninstall" button in the plugin list.  As per Andrei above, just delete/replace the plugin folders.
3 years ago
Thank you... You are right