Place order on behalf of customer

3 years ago

I have a scenario were set fo users will access website front end store and place an order on behalf of the customer, currently I have reached a point were on Cart page user can select the customer from a list for which he is placing an order.

Can someone suggest what is the best way to record order, I am skipping payment step as my website is not for online order.

Impersonation works only in Admin section, I want something similar on the frontend web store.

3 years ago
That's a great idea. But I don't see in the Order database table where you would store the admin id. All I see is CustomerId. Maybe set the BillingAddressId to the admin's address and set the shipping id to the customer's address? That's how it was handled in another system I worked on. The bill to ID would be the person making the purchase and the ship to id would be the person who the purchase was being made on behalf of.