How can i add backslash "/" in sename of product or category?

3 years ago

I want to insert backslash "/" in SE Name of product or category but nopCommerce is not allowing to add.
I have changed code of validatesename method and allowed to insert backslash "/" in SE Name. But I am not able able open any page with SE Name that includes backslash "/". It's opening Page not found page.

After this I have registered new routes with multiple generic_se_name in GenericUrlRouteProvider.

//generic URLs
                                       new { controller = "Common", action = "GenericUrl" },
                                       new[] { "Nop.Web.Controllers" });

Also pass the multiple generic_se_name with backslash "/" in GenericPathRoute and it works for me. But Now other routes are not working.

3 years ago
Example, If my product Search engine friendly page name is "Apple/Macbook-Pro" then I need Search engine friendly page name as "Apple/Macbook-Pro" and if I open "" then it should open that product.
3 years ago
It's not supported out of the box (work item)