upgrade from 1.1?

9 years ago
I have an old site of a friend that we haven't touched in a while... turns out it's running 1.1! I didn't realize I couldn't upgrade from 1.1 straight to 1.6, and I already overwrote the site with 1.6. I still have the original backed up if I have to start from there...

but can someone tell me the best way to upgrade the 1.1 site up to the current version? do I have to go down the line one at a time? or can I start at say 1.3 and jump to 1.5 then 1.6 or something like that?

many thanks in advance!
9 years ago
all you really need to do is locate the database upgrade scripts for each release and run them sequentially over your database then link your version 1.6 to the fully upgraded database

you don't actually have to touch any of the code of the other versions but you will need to download the releases (no source should be fine)

the upgrade scripts will be located in  nopcommercestore/install/scripts/



remember to keep a backup of your original database
9 years ago
many thanks!!
9 years ago
incidentally, if you have 1.1 you can download 1.4 first, because it contains all the upgrade scripts from 1.1

from there you can jump to 1.6 because it has both 1.5 and 1.6 scripts

this worked great, thanks again!