ERP Lite: Warehouse / Inventory Mgmt / Shipping / Tracking / QuickBooks Integration

3 years ago
Are you growing out of your current systems? Manual processes eating up more and more of your time?
If you ship 10 or more orders per day and have 15 or more SKUs, you're probably starting to feel the pain of keeping up with inventory tracking, accurate shipping, and manual processes.

We'd like to introduce to you Mozzo ERP. It is a web based (Saas) solution designed specifically for eCommerce companies like yours and is integrated with NopCommerce and Quickbooks (desktop and online).

This is a newer product/service and we are eager to start onboarding some customers. If, after reading the below, you feel this might be something that could help your business. PM me and let's setup a time to chat, view a demo, and talk pricing for your situation. We will be very competitive on pricing for our early adopters. So if you want all this horsepower and a company with founders that have helped countless Fortune 500 companies (Gap, TMobile, ATT, Carhart, Nordstrom, etc) with their supply chain processes and systems, then reach out to me!

How does it work?

Order Processing
- automatically imports paid orders from NopCommerce every few minutes.
- allocates inventory in your warehouse, if there are shortages of inventory, flag the order to review, then edit the order, or place all or part of it on Back Order...ship what you have, fulfill the rest when you receive more inventory
- releases the order for picking
- user on one of our mobile devices with barcode scanner is directed to the correct location for each item on the order, then must scan location or item barcode to verify an accurate pick
- when all picking is complete, you pack the items into one or multiple cartons
- for each carton, you enter its dimensions (or if you have standard carton types, choose one from the list to auto populate the dimensions)
- Enter the weight of the carton
- rate shop the shipping (get your rates for UPS, FedEx, and more, and Commercial Plus pricing for USPS) see all your service options and cost and choose the desired carrier and service. Then automatically print a 4" x 6" shipping label to your thermal printer and slap it on.
- Now a shipping confirmation email is automatically sent to your customer with each carton's contents, tracking number and tracking link.
- We poll the tracking information periodically and update it in our system. Plus on your dashboard, you manage by exception and just see which cartons are late.
- Mozzo ERP then updates NopCommerce with the tracking numbers
- finally, Mozzo ERP sends a sales receipt to QuickBooks to record the sale and credit your merchant account in Quickbooks so you don't have to manually enter those transactions.

Inventory Management
Inventory low? We got that...
- for each item, set your min and max inventory levels
- on your inventory dashboard, see a list, by Vendor, of products that need re-ordering (available inventory is less than the min value you set at the item level).
- use one button click to create a PO to that vendor for all items that need re-ordering. We also pre-populate the amount to purchase based on your max setting.
- Make any changes to the PO as desired, then email it to your vendor.
- When the product arrives (supports one or multiple shipments against one or many POs), print SKU labels for all items on the Receipt with a single click.
- Receive cases of units, or simply units
- use our mobile barcode scanner to locate inventory from the receiving area to bin/rack locations
- Use our mobile scanner to perform cycle counting of your inventory to make sure it is accurate. Update NopCommerce when adjustments are made
- Now update NopCommerce inventory levels to reflect the new inventory (this inventory update is done every few minutes so Nop inventory is always up to date).

Ease of Setup
- automatically import all your products from Nop to Mozzo
- automatically import all your customers, vendors, accounts from QuickBooks

Multi-Channel Selling - Coming Soon
- publish all your products to other sales channels like Amazon, EBay, and more

Find out more on our website Mozzo ERP or better yet, PM me and let's talk about how we can reduce your administrative tasks and streamline your business processes.

Chad Richardson
Mozzo ERP
1 year ago
Need product kitting functionality? Light manufacturing? Mozzo now handles kitting and manufacturing!
11 months ago
Need to streamline your backend operations? Is "Crushing It", "Crushing You"?
Have general operational questions on best practices in inventory management? Inventory Accounting?
Let me know. I'm here to help!