Affiliate table

3 years ago

For my customer I would like to made some improvement for affiliate system, and discover that Affiliate table connect with Customer by AddressId. Why?

What is purpose of connecting customer address id instead of customer id (or email)?

For this moment, if store owner would like to add new affiliate, need to type address as well as name/email/etc. As result, in address table we get two address records related to one customer. But that customer do not see that address at all... so we double records. So why store owner should type that address?

What is behind this, you may assign many affiliate id to this same customer! Affiliate system should prevent to apply multiple affiliate ids to one customer. As well as should prevent to assign affiliate id to non existing user. For this moment it is possible without any problem.

I mentioned it some time before, affiliate link should be visible just after customer is registered (automatically), if affiliate option is turn on.

Can anyone tell me the reason of all above?
3 years ago
The reason that NopCommerce did this is: the affiliate may not be a registered customer. He is just a person who asks his people to buy from you. So, the only required information is the address. I have already developed an affiliate program, you can check it here, it may save a lot to you: