step 3 of the upgrade to 1.6

9 years ago
I did the upgrade on a version on a local server and it worked fine but i haven been able to get it to work when uploading to softsyshosting. this is the error i keep getting

The installer couldn't update the ConnectionStrings.config file on your server. This may be caused by limited file system permissions. Please open your ConnectionStrings.config file manually in Notepad and add the following line inside the <connectionStrings></connectionStrings>:

<add name="NopSqlConnection" connectionString="Data Source=SOFTSERV9;Initial Catalog=photoball1;Integrated Security=False;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=;Password=;Connect Timeout=120"/>

everytime i edit the connectionstrings file i keep getting this error.

i did the upgrade as per the instructions, the permissions are set to everyone, the only thing i can think of is how do i setup iis if necessary.

any help would be grateful recieved. this is the last step to putting up my website.

finally after 6 months
9 years ago
insert your connection string manually into connectionstring.config

then upload the connectionstring.config file to your hosted account


<add name="NopSqlConnection" connectionString="Data Source=THISWILLPROBABLYBEAN-IP-ADDRESS;Initial Catalog=YOURDATABASENAME;Integrated Security=False;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=YOURUSERNAME;Password=YOURPASSWORD;Connect Timeout=120"/>


If you had this running on a local machine already, you may already have a connection string to your local database in  connectionstrings.config - you should delete this

If you have any issues, contact softsys support - they are quick and helpful

9 years ago
Not a good idea to post actual connection strings on a public site (unless you wish to get hacked).