Add fields in order export

10 months ago
I assume you are using v4.3
Click the Basic / Advanced Settings button up the top
10 months ago
popolun wrote:
...I don't see an export to excel option in Configuration > Setting > Order Settings...

What version of nopComemrce are you using?
Toggle to "Advanced" mode (button in upper left)
10 months ago
thank you for the answer.

I enabled it; however, the only way to include Product Name in ExportOrdersToXlsx is a customization. Correct?
Any more hints how I can add it in the source code?
10 months ago
The product name is in the export file - did you see it ?
If you want it in the format you suggested the source code is there  in those routines
just rearrange it to get the product name before you write the record to the file
7 months ago
I tried this and ticked the box ''Export orders with products'', but the products doesn't show up in the excel exportfile. Any idea why?