How to divid admin Category Dropdown list control to multiple controls that hold a specifc types of Categories?

3 years ago

My Client have the below situation:

He needs to simplifing the adding products process in admin area. the store has alot of categories (Software,Clothes, Games,.... ) and he need to divid them in multiple multiselect controls like Category on in admin add product info tab (Create_or_update_Info.chtml) for examle he needs to have

Categories : categories dropdown that has all categories
WomenFashion: women fashon dropdown that has all sub categories under women fashon
and so on.

Can any one suggest any workaround (without changing the core functions is prefered)

Best Regards,
3 years ago
Hello Mahran,

Its depend on how much category level you need. nopCommerce support N level category. But they are displaying everything in one dropdown. They are not creating dynamic dropdowns based on category selection.

Instead of making dynamic dropdown. What they have currently its fair enough. And its autocomplete. Means it will get the data based on you type.