What SagePay Plugin would people recommend for Server integration? 3.90 build

2 years ago
we're on 3.90 build

This one is top of Google but says it only supports 3.60 and the site doesn't work:

Looked at this but looks like it only supports US - We're in the UK.

This one looks like the only option for 3.90, but not sure if it offers SagePay Server Integration.

What does everyone else use?

2 years ago

We have developed SagePay Payment Plugin for one of our customer but it is not released officially. You can send us your requirements on [email protected] so we could understand and send you a demo.
2 years ago

We're looking to integrate Sage Pay Server Integration into our build. Ideally through a open source/ paid plugin.

We'd want a packaged plugin that we can effectively drop into our build, configure and away we go.

1 year ago
Hi all,

recently we have released SagePay plugin (server to server integration). The plugin supports direct payments, Capture, Void Order, Full Refund, Partial Refund and allows to save credit card details for further transactions. It's compatible with nopCommerce versions 3.6 - 4.1
9 months ago
By Server to Server - you mean SagePay Form.

Are there any 3.70 - 4.20 SagePay Server integration plugins available?

Researching has failed to find any.