nop 4.0 RenderPartialViewToString no longer finds absolute paths

2 years ago
this.RenderPartialViewToString("~/Plugins/MyPluginPath/Views/Partials/_myPartialView.cshtml", model);

For some reason, razorViewEngine.FindView can't seem to find my view in nop 4.0 specifically.  The file certainly exists in the build output folder (/Presentation/Nop.Web/Plugins/MyPlugin/Views/Partials/_myPartialView.cshtml) as it renders properly in a view with:

@Html.Partial("~/Plugins/MyPluginPath/Views/Partials/_myPartialView.cshtml", model)

Am I missing something simple?
2 years ago
Hi Adam,

Thanks! We'll check it
2 years ago
Done. You can see the changes in this commit.
Thanks for the suggestion.