Nop 4.00 theme and plugins

2 years ago
After playing Nop 4.00 for awhile, I felt comfortable to update my web site with the new 4.00 version

As well as some themes and plugins

Bootstrap Default Clean Theme
100% Bootstrap version of the Nop Default Clean theme.
less than 100 custom CSS lines
Make it easy to apply third party bootstrap theme on top of this one
(Change the store theme on the bottom to see it in action)

All in one
allows to create any kind of widget (html, javascript, plain text)
allows to add css and javascript custom files
use it for: Google analytic, Google ad words, Sliders, Banners, Plain text, Html code, any thing u wish for

Extended customer list
sort your customers by External and Internal registrations.
Facebook image and links for the Facebook registratios
Sort by Active, not active and deleted customers

Download Button
Add a download button for downloadable products that already purchased, on product page.
2 years ago
Excellent! Thank you for getting the Bootstrap theme adapted. I believe you may be the first to get a 4.00 theme to market.

I just downloaded it and will let you know if I find any issues. Thanks again!
2 years ago
New theme
Bootstrap Wind Theme
100% Bootstrap 4.
less than 100 custom CSS lines
2 years ago
Thank you for your bootstrap theme that's what we are looking for !

Did you think it could be easy to move the black menu ( who's not a bootstrap navigation menu ) into the bootstrap navigation menu ?
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
So far as a know bootstrap don't support multiple navigation bars

Your CustomerNavigation component doesn't work
1 year ago