nopCommerce 4.00 is released

2 years ago
Where can I find the correct permission settings for nopCommerce 4.0? still mentions:
Installation process

nopCommerce requires write permissions for the directories and files described below:


But this is the 3.x folderstructure.
2 years ago
[email protected] wrote:
Where can I find the correct permission settings for nopCommerce 4.0?

Please find the updated document here. Thanks!
2 years ago
My pleasure.

I already found the settings via

Admin > System > Warnings

Maybe useful for others.
2 years ago
atulrungta wrote:

=> I've got this error and spent hours to fix. The reason is that .NET Core Hosting Bundle is installed before installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable, it was a wrong order. According to microsoft :

" install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable before installing the .NET Core Hosting Bundle."

So I install .NET Core Hosting Bundle again ( actually repair ), then It works.
2 years ago
registered view

remove one if condition

@if (Model.AllowCustomersToSetTimeZone)
                <div class="fieldset">
                    <div class="title">
                    <div class="form-fields">
                        @if (Model.AllowCustomersToSetTimeZone)
                            <div class="inputs">
                                <label asp-for="TimeZoneId" asp-postfix=":"></label>
                                <select asp-for="TimeZoneId" asp-items="Model.AvailableTimeZones"></select>
                                <span asp-validation-for="TimeZoneId"></span>
1 year ago
a.m. wrote:
But maybe it's possible to make "order completed" possible to manage this page from admin panel?
Could you please clarify your suggestion? What exactly do you want to manage?

Hi! sorry i don't saw earlier your answer. :)

On Order Completed page:
We edit text, little css / graphic. Like on other Topics like shipping address. We don't want only information "Order confirmation but + few information to give hint Clients what next.

We always add this after upgrade, and i'm wonder why it's not implemented too edit like with the other topics page?