Roasted SwissKnife - Multipurpose Plugin for nopCommerce 4.0

2 years ago
Dear Community,
We are proud to announce our new plugin Roasted SwissKnife for nopCommerce 4.0. It's a multipurpose plugin that provides with many features (more to come) all manageable from one plugin.

The following modules are available for this release.
1. Email Reminders - Send automatic reminders to your customers to increase their visits. The following reminders can be sent.
- Product Review Reminder
- Products in cart Reminder
- Not logged in for long time Reminder
- Account not activated reminder
- Recommended products reminder
You can customize the email templates for each of the email.

2. Email Templates - Skin your outgoing emails with your branding and customized template.

3. Two Factor Authentication - Secure your administration area with an additional one-time security code.

4. Mega menu - Create fully customizable menus for your nopCommerce store. You can create different types of menus like Grid, Tabbed, Regular, Simple or Custom HTML.

5. Vendor Plus - Have vendor payouts and ratings facility in your nopCommerce store. Specify commission percentages for various vendors according to categories.

6. Payment Restrictor - Restrict payment methods for customers based on products, categories or discount coupons they use.

7. Size Charts - Create size charts for your products with this simple to use module

The plugin is available for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL. The individual modules are also available for purchase, so you only pay for what you use.

Please find the plugin here and let us know your feedback.
2 years ago
Hi Community,
The plugin is now available for nopCommerce 4.1 along with many bug fixes and additional PromoPlus module.

2 weeks ago
I tried to install the email template plugin and it crashes with Nop version 4.3.  I successfully installed RoastedBytes Core as in images
2 weeks ago
Yes unless you get an updated version for v4.3 then it will not run as there are a lot of changes since v4.0 especially the changes in the way the database is interfaced.

Its best to try and contact the developer directly to see if they will be making an update
2 weeks ago
Sorry I posted in wrong channel, but I do have v4.3 of nop and 4.3 of plugin.
2 weeks ago
SwissKnife plugin was discontinued due to changes in nopCommerce terms about the plugin features.
If you need any assistance,  please send your query to [email protected], so that our team can assist you.
2 weeks ago
Also if you are specifically looking for "Email templates plugin", you can download the latest version from our website.