New Plugin: specification attributes easy import / export via excel

2 years ago

I have just launched a new plugin available on the marketplace here

With the ‘Specification Attributes Easy Import / Export’ plugin you will now be able to export your entire store's products followed by all the specification attributes that you have in your NopCommerce system into an Excel Sheet and simply assign the values in the following format:

Attribute type  (like O for Options, CT for Custom text, CH for Custom HTML text, H for Hyperlink) [Mandatory]
Attribute Value [Mandatory]
Allow filtering (T for True, F for False) [Optional Value – default = false]
Show on product page (T for True, F for False) [Optional Value – default = false]
Display order value [Optional Value – default = false]
Example:  O,17',T,F,1

(O -> ‘Option’,

17’ -> ‘Attribute Option’,

T -> ‘Allow Filtering (T for true)’,

F -> ‘Show on Product Page’ (F for false),

1 -> ‘Display order value’)

You can anytime clear the contents of a cell in order to remove the attribute from a specific product.

Please note:

All the attributes that you use must have at least 1 'option' value

assigned to them in the 'specification attributes' section of the

admin panel - even if you are not intending to use it - this is a bug

that we are currently working to resolve.
2 years ago

Great plugin.

May i know what features are included in full version ?

2 years ago
with the full version, you will not be limited to export and import just 10 products at a time. instead, you can export your entire store at once and import them all at once.
2 years ago
That's good. Can We use this plugin in multi-store/domain in one purchased?
2 years ago
2 years ago
Nice job:-)
2 years ago
Thank you!! Please submit a product review :)
1 year ago
Hi Guys!

I would like to inform you that as of today you can get my plugin in the new version of nopcommerce (4.1) and it is also made available in version 3.8.

Please find the plugin here

I hope you enjoy it!