Tinymce editor can't work

2 years ago
Hi Guys
My website NOP 4.0 of editor Tinymce can't work.At first, I want to change the Tinymce default Fontsize and Font formats, so I change the file RichEditor.cshtml and add the code :
function LangTinyMCEInitialized(ed) {  
  console.log("Editor: " + ed.editorId + " is now initialized.");
    ed.execCommand("fontName", false, "Calibri");    
    ed.execCommand("fontSize", false, "11pt");    

and I found the Tinymce can't work. So I delete this codes, But the Tinymce can't work also. I deleted the RichEditor.cshtml and Tinymce folder and upload the souce file and folder from NOP 4.0. Tinymce can't work still,Do you have some advice?Thank you very much!!
2 years ago
I compared the code of nopcommerce, I found my website lost some code:

This is nop:
How I can do ?