Add display name to Category record

2 years ago
If you have a category such as 'Events' in multiple stores there is no easy way to assign a product to the specific category. Drop-down list of categories doesn't distinguish between category for store 1 vs store 2.

It would be nice if the category had a text prompt option which would control the display name of the category in the store that way the actual category name could be named differently.

Example: Category= Store 1 Events, Display name= Events
Category = Store 2 Events, Display name = Events

When assigning a category to a product, the list would show Store1 Events, Store 2 Events so the Admin can assign the correct category to the product. Both categories would display in their respective stores as 'Events'.
2 years ago
Yaa that's the good idea.

However, you can list all category by select store drop-down.

After, you can edit any record.