Upgraded from 4.0 and cant see

3 years ago
If I add item to cart is shows at top.
And shows totals etc.

But when I view cart its say "Your Shopping Cart is empty!"

Is their some setting I need to change other than the upgrade scripts ?
3 years ago
You may need to have a machine key specified in web.config file
3 years ago
How do I know what to set then ?

What is this settung
3 years ago
From looking at a few other post found that MachineKey need to be in config file
And prior version code (3.8) had logic that showed and system warning "Admin.System.Warnings.MachineKey.NotSpecified" code does not seem to be their now.
Found no ref to MachineKey in 4.0 code.

So I have added in a key
Can visit this site to create the key - Selecting the version needed

And you put it in the web.config file inside the
So like this:

    <machineKey validationKey="3E65CAD36CBA5FD76C771AB275F57182292F44628EBE40D5F445D54BA06B47F64E65D1579645186077C6AAF3F99E4C99FF689676D81B6EB1481B179CCC933AFA" decryptionKey="43E2D89E0B583B46ADCA114B4F2FC827BDA74196F1B8A01142E6246BC1B1E561" validation="SHA1" decryption="AES" />

But my cart when visiting the page is still empty
And I can see on lots of the pages, still showing the option for user to login
But if you go to myAccount I can see their info

So must be more that just this machine key
Still need help please
3 years ago
Seem issue was with not having www in the store name
And also some plugins where not their from the clean install.

Mainly that I did not read upgrade notes,
ref: https://www.nopcommerce.com/boards/t/46743/fixed-rate-shipping-and-shipping-by-weight-methods-are-missing-after-update-from-38-to-39.aspx
3 years ago
Can you please explain how you were able to fix this. I am having the same issue.
3 years ago
I just rollout out my upgrade now, and seems to have worked

I updated from 3.8 to 4.0
So I ran:
3.9 sql update script
4.0 sql update script

Then deleted the old fix price plugs from plugin.txt file
Deleted the two legacy plugin folder on server
Copied new plug to server [shipping.FixOrByWeight]
Deleted the SippingByWeight table from database
Then I refreshed by login plugins and install "Manual (Fixed of By Wight)" plugin
Then enabled it

I found I still had issue with login
Where when I logged on to site, it was showing the login page on a https
Then when I went to home it was showing I need to login still.
And cart would act fully.

I ended up making it force ssl for all pages
And that has resolved the issue I got,
But does seem that if you using http and https was giving me issues.