Vat: 0% on Version 3.6

2 years ago
Hello All,

Been having real issues with getting the Tax to calculate VAT correctly with version 3.4 for the last few days. I have used search and seen a few people trying to get it fixed, but not sure if it is still unissue. Could somebody please confirm that the correct amount of TAX is being displayed on the checkout pages for the version of Nopcommerce that they are running please ?

Right now on version 3.4 it shows "Tax 0%" no matter what config changes I make, and I would like to know if it works on later releases before I (try) to upgrade, or get somebody else to have a look for me to see if they can help out.

Thanks for your help :o)

2 years ago
Hi Pierre, We have a site running perfectly well in the UK on 20% VAT rates, what is the specific issue you have? Is it simply the VAT disappears on checkout? Regards, James
2 years ago
Please also check that in configuration > countries.. that you have checked the box 'subject to VAT' and also that when you have set up the individual products you have also selected 'Tax category:' and selected the appropriate 20% Tax.
2 years ago
Thank you James, you are spot on :o)

I also had the customer role set up so it was "VAT Exempt", my error.

Thank you very much for your help, really appreciated