Print shipping labels on labels printers (Avery, Zebra, Dymo, etc.)

2 years ago
Plugin helps the store's owner to print shipping labels directly to printers (Avery, Zebra, Dymo, etc.).

You can select preconfigured label templates from the list of use your custom settings (width, height, label per row, etc.).

Not registered version is fully operational. It has only one limitation. Only 100 shipping labels will be created and trial period 15 days.

Compatible with NopCommerce 4.00.

Link to our site

2 years ago

Nice plugin. I'm sure this enhancement is going to make life of admin much easier. +1
1 year ago
Added support NopCommerce 4.10.
1 year ago
Added support NopCommerce 4.20.
3 months ago
I'm new to nopCommerce.  Can you please add a screenshot of where the button (Print Shipping Slip) is going to appear on the shipping page?
And do we have to do any customization to the shipment page?
Thank You
3 months ago
Open the list of Shipments. you will see the button "Print Shipping Labels (selected)".
Open the shipment in nop admin mode and you will see button "Print Shipping Labels".
You can print labels only for Paid orders.

3 weeks ago
Added support nop 4.30.