Import Manager (prices, stock quantities, pictures, etc. ) (foxnetsoft)

2 years ago
Import Manager allows to automate inventory update from external sources to synchronize your product stock, prices and other data with your supplier or wholesale.

You can update pictures, name of products, categories, etc. too.


Support unlimited number of templates
Support custom import templates (you can configure them easy)
Support CSV, TXT, XLSX formats (we plan to add XML too)
Support ZIP files
Support different sources for import files (folder, URL, FTP) (we plan to add support SFTP)
Support updating price, quantity, tier price (all parameters)
Support updating pictures, name of products, categories and manufactures (we can add new mappings).
Report about result of import
Import in manual and automatic mode
Support scheduler time
Support backup of import files


Import prices from Manufacturer using manufacturer part number
Import tier prices from the Vendor
Import new product names
Import pictures for products and replace old ones

Not registered version has only one limitation – 50 product will be updated and trial period 15 days.

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2 years ago
Promising Plugin FoxNetSoft team! We'll surely use and recommend in future project.
2 years ago
It seems to be very powerful and flexible
2 years ago


Great concept..!!
2 years ago
Added new feature

Import localized values (name of products, name of categories, etc.)
1 year ago
Added support nop 4.10.
9 months ago
Added support nop 4.20.
6 months ago
Changed the logic of this plugin.
You can import new products, categories, manufactures. Add products in existing categories and manufactures. Import prices and tier prices.
Update any of properties in Product, Category, Manufacturer entity.
5 months ago
In version 4.20 is it possible to schedule operations?
5 months ago
I have other plugin Automatic Update (prices and stock quantities)

You can do it easy.

This first plugin allows to import/update products, categories, etc.