localization of database items

9 years ago
Have you had any thoughts about localization of things that are stored in the database such as catergories, product descriptions etc.

If I make a shop that primarily focus on Swedish customer and uses swedish category names, product descriptions, and specification attributes in the database and later want to expand say to the entire EU market noone outside Sweden (and the nordic countries) will know what the category 'Böcker' or the specification attribute 'Antal sidor' means.

If nopCommerce should be truly localizable you should be able to translate everything in the database as well.

Here are some examples:
- Category names
- Product descriptions on catetgory and manufacturer pages
- Productvariants: colors have different names in different languages
- Product specification attributes and their values
- Countries and regions
- etc

Any thoughts on this?
9 years ago
It's already supported. Just add one more language and you'll appropriate tabs for localization
8 years ago
It does support most of the things when it comes to localization. Below listed are some of the modules which are not able  to handle localization at this time.

Localization on countries and regions,payment methods, shipping methods to name a few
4 years ago
after 4 years from this topic, how to translate such an important things as countries and payment methods ?
4 years ago
ernest wrote:
after 4 years from this topic, how to translate such an important things as countries and payment methods ?

You can localize counties on their details pages in admin area > configuration > counties.

Payment methods can be localized in admin area > configuration > plugins.
4 years ago
Thanks , I found it.

Off topic,
do you offer some premium extended documentation with API of NopCommerce ?
4 years ago
The only documention we have is available at http://docs.nopcommerce.com/
4 years ago
Cannot see specification attribute localized name.
using nop commerce 3.6.
is it under some admin settings to see the localized names?
or should be done in code?
4 years ago
Please, be more specific.
6 months ago
Is there a way to localize customer names in latin and in cyrillic script?