Worldpay Payment Plugin For NopCommerce

2 years ago
Hello Everyone,

This is to notify that nopCommerce 3.90 version of Worldpay Payment Plugin is available now on nopCommerce marketplace.

Based on few requests from nopCommerce community forum, we decided to free upgrade Worldpay payment plugin to nopCommerce 3.90. A payment plugin is more or less the first thing that helps us to choose an eCommerce platform and because nopCommerce offered this for free, so we did same.

But if someone need this for nopCommerce 3.80, they can raise us a request anytime asking for the plugin. We will be happy to contribute.

This plugin supports redirect method which was available in earlier nopCommerce plugins. If someone needs a plugin with standard method which is already available out of box from nopCommerce 4.00, please raise us a request for that too so we could help you.

Thank you,
NopAdvance Team
2 years ago
WorldPay Payment Plugin (Redirection method) is now available for nopCommerce version 3.80, 3.90 and 4.00
5 months ago
When I try to download it (for 4.0) it says the plugin is no longer available... Any reason why?