MailChimp Mail Plugin Dont work on MY 3.90 So whats my next best email marketing option?

2 years ago
I am looking to start a cost effective email marketing program integrated with nop 3.90. Does anybody know of a option that works other than MailChip?

2 years ago
An alternative for mailchimp is sendinblue.

You can find the plugin on nopcommerce marketplace -
2 years ago
Forge the SandBlue, I try it. It is cheaper but paint in B..t and terrible support in US
MailChimp it the best but price is high and in your case your have to upgrade in 4.0. I been struggle with 3.9 too and nobody was willing to help.
One of the best alternative I have to recommended its from Nop-Templates. Its cheaper, automated and its relay easy create newsletter with product offer because they already see products from your catalog.